Cigar Reviewers

Here is a list of our Cigar Reviewers:


Mike Batiste: Mike has been keeping a cigar dossier for over 10 years. Specializing in Medium – Full bodied stogies, Mike often smokes Mild, and Mild – Medium cigars as well. “I smoke a wide variety of flavors, regardless of which is my favorite or preference. My main reason for this is to preserve my palate. I’m not saying that smoking full bodied sticks is going to burn you out, I just feel that bringing my senses from one end of the spectrum to the other, keeps me honest.”


John Packes: John is a long time smoker that is new to the review and rating world. Critical in nature, John is not shy when it comes to calling a Spade a Spade. “I don’t do anything 50%, its a waste of time. I’m honest, perhaps a little too honest but that probably lends itself well to something like cigar reviews. Trust me when I say, if it’s wrong, I’ll let you know.”


Jeffrey Martello: Jeff is not your average critic. He has been featured on many radio talk shows, and internet webcasts and videos reviewing a wide variety of elements such as food, entertainment, and of course, cigars. A veteran to the reviewing world, Jeff helps balance the scale of reviewers on staff at Cigars in 60. “I’ll tell you everything you need to know, I’ll be your 6th sense that clues in your other 5 senses.  If its good, or bad, well that’s up to you.”


Would you like to become a cigar reviewer for Ci60?  It’s very simple. We will show you how you should organize your notes / review, it’s up to you to take a few pictures of video of the cigar while you’ve got it, and you send it over to us, we’ll produce the video, and we’ll give you all the credit.  If you’re interested in learning more just e-mail Reviews[at]