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Here at Cigars In 60 we have a wide variety of advertising and marketing options. First and foremost, if you’d like to get your product reviewed, please just CLICK HERE. Be sure to inform us of any additional advertising that you’d like to do in addition to the review. Don’t forget to view the CONTACT US page.



Here is a list of advertising opportunities with Cigars In 60:

Homepage Takeover!
Be the only brand listed for as long as you’d like. Perfect for the build up to the launch of a new product or brand, or taking advantage of high traffic times like Fathers Day, and the December Holidays.

Twitter Sponsor
Cigars In 60 Tweets to hundreds of true cigar fanatics multiple times a day. Integrate your brand or product into the fabric of what Cigars In 60 is!

YouTube Sponsor
If you haven’t noticed yet, we serve :60 videos of review and they’re all hosted on YouTube. Here is a great opportunity to have yourself associated with our brand at our most crucial web page, our YouTube Channel!

Individual Video Sponsor
Sponsor an individual review, getting to serve your video pre-roll ad, or text based ad within the video. You get to pick which cigar review you want to sponsor, and the amount of views you’d like to receive, rather than a period of time.

Website Banner Ads
We’ve got leader board banners on every page, and advertisements within our posts.  Let’s discuss the placement that is right for you, and your product. Just contact Mike[at] or visit our contact page for more contact methods.

We’re open to suggestions, hell let’s jump on a call and discuss how we can make everyone say, “Holy S#%*!!!”