Cigar Store: Bobalu Cigars Review

Cigar Store: Bobalu Cigars Review. Austin, Texas

Cigar Store Rating: 4 out of 5 Stogies

Selection: So Bobalu makes all of their own cigars, so don’t show up expecting to get some Macanudos and Cohibas.  The humidor is average to

Bobalu Cigar Co. Austin, Texas

large sized with a huge variety of cigars. Some of the wrappers may look like that of your favorite name brand cigar, and you wont be surprised to know that in some cases the cigars are made very similar to that cigar too…  But i’m not talking knock offs.  Thousands of hand made cigars, for your choosing, in downtown Austin, Texas. On my first visit I went with the Brazillian boxed pressed and it didn’t disappoint, but more importantly the store didn’t disappoint either.

Store Front: 6 – 8 seats to lounge around a smoke, plenty of interesting things to look at, and did I mention the cigar roller right in the store front window?  Yea, it’s pretty cool to say the least.  It’s a “saw dust on the floor” kind of place, but I don’t mean that it’s dirty.  The store, like the product, is hand made and a great experience. With cigar box presses right on the floor, several rolling tables, and 3 rollers in action while I was there, it was a very cool experience.

Area of Town / Parking: Downtown Austin Texas is nice, clean, and there isn’t a lot of traffic at 3pm on a hot weekday afternoon. I found parking with no problem, and was able to check out some of the cool downtown clubs while I took a 1 block walk to Bobalu cigars.


Staff: The staff and crew is friendly and knowledgeable. Jessica Matthews, who was managing 3 cigar rollers who seemed to be filling a custom order, also managed to help me and 2 other customers while I

Bobalu Cigars in Austin, TX

was in the humidor choosing.  It’s a tight run operation with good product. I saw signs about an app that helps you choose the right Bobalu cigar for you, so search your app store for Bobalu Cigars!

Overall: Overall I had a great time, good smoke, and enjoyed the atmosphere.  Check it out for yourself!











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