Cigar Color Guide: Does cigar color change the taste?

Cigar Color Guide: Does cigar color change the taste of your stogie?

This is one of the more common questions, and misconceptions within the cigar hobby.  The wrapper, the outermost tobacco leaf(s) that ultimately make up the visual part of the cigar, and the overall color of the cigar does have its own smell and flavor.  However there are a few myths in this area.

1) The darker the leaf, the more “full bodied” the cigar. FALSE

The Cigar wrapper will affect the taste of the stogie, as it blends with the filler while it burns, but just because its dark, doesn’t mean that it’s full bodied.  Most times it is, but for example many Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 cigars are dark in color, almost maduro, and they are medium bodied through and through.


2) The lighter the color, the lighter the cigar.  FALSE

Most tobacconists, while you’re in their humidor will tell you that most cigars are mild and smooth… because they assume that you’re a consumer with no knowledge at all.  You may try to use common sense and stick to the lighter color cigars, but that may steer you the wrong way too.  The truth is that you have to know what you’re buying, and form a relationship with a tobacconist who gains your trust.  Double Claro, GREEN cigars may in fact be mild, but they represent a very different taste family that its no longer a matter of Mild, Medium or Full.  Similarly there are mild cigars with spice notes, or bitterness that most consumers wouldn’t like.  There is no golden rule here. Find a tobacconist that knows their stuff and stick with them.  When in doubt, do a bit of research (smart phone helps) to make an educated decision.

Cigar Wrapper Color Chart


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