Cigar Cutter Buyer’s Guide

Cigar Cutter Buyers Guide

A cigar cutter can make or break your cigar, so don’t let just anything start chopping away at your stogie.  Check out the Cigar Cutter Buyers guide and learn which cutter is right for you!

Guillotine Cigar Cutters

Single Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter

Single Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter:  Single blade cutters are very common and often used as “freebies” from your local tobacconist.

They do a fine job of cutting cigars, however they are bit more risky then their siblings that possess more blades.  In short, the blade only cuts through the cigar, once the cigar is pinned up against the plastic or metal siding.  This runs the risk of pressing the side that is away from the cigar, and possibly cracking or starting to unravel the wrapper.  When it comes to luxury tobacco, I personally believe a good rule of thumb is that your method of cutting should cost more than the cigar you’re cutting.  Cutting a $10 – $25 cigar with a $2 cutter could ruin the whole experience.



Double Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter


Double Blade Guillotine Cigar Cutter: (Image of Xikar Guillotine Cutter) The double blade cutter is far more consistent and safe when compared to the single blade cutter.  Each blade applies pressure to the cigar at the same time usually producing a clean and swift cut with minimal accidents.  As is the single blade, the double blade requires both hands to cut the cigar, and it may even be worth practicing a few times to make sure that you get it right, as a steady hand is needed to achieve the optimal cut.  If you’re a big cut kind of person, meaning that you like to take off a nice portion of the head of the cigar to pull more smoke, or even smoke faster, then the Double Blade Guillotine is right for you.



Scissor Guillotine Cigar Cutter


Scissor Guillotine Cigar Cutter:The scissor Guillotine brings the effectiveness of the double blade to the control of a pair of scissors for what I believe is the optimal cutting option.  Short of a stationary cutter that you affix to a table, the Scissor Guillotine is your best bet.  Especially if you’re a true aficionado, attempting the perfect cut with every attempt, the Scissor guillotine will certainly give you the control needed to achieve that cut.




Wedge Cigar Cutters

Wedge Cigar Cutter ("V Cutter")


Portable Wedge Cutter: Similar to the guillotine cutters, this mobile cutter offers the same time of grip and feel.  the only difference is in the puncture to the cigar.  Believe it or not, most Wedge Cutters, also known as V Cutters, perform a very clean cut. The picture also depicts the type of cut made by a V Cutter.  Generally this offers a good amount of smoke, with minimal debris ending up in your mouth, however on lesser quality cigars, a wedge cutter can equal certain doom!






Keychain Cigar Punch


Key chain punch: the travelers dream.  I’ve had more cigar cutters taken from me at Airport security, you’d be sick if you actually knew the amount.  However I’ve never had a punch taken from me They pose no threat, at least to everything but cigars.  A punch is a great option, and sometimes if I’m nervous about making a cut on a cigar with a shallow head, I’ll give it the old punch for sure. No fuss, no mess, a great option. It just feels different in your mouth so be sure to give it a try once or twice before you commit to punching all of your cigars.





Xikar Versa Carbon Fiber Lighter


Punch on a lighter: Now we’re getting towards the “Swiss Army Knife” of cigar smoking, as its easy on the pockets (in terms of items you need to carry) and it serves two purposes… You guessed it!  Punching and Lighting your Cigar! Punches on lighters are generally a bit more shallow then those stand alone punches, however the one pictured here offers two different types of punches. Sure the variety for preference, but also for different types of cigars.  Perhaps a larger punch on a larger gauge cigar would offer a better smoke? Its up for debate by that’s our two cents.




There are other types of cigar cutters, that’s for sure.  But these are by far the most common and popular. (and easy to find at your local tobacconist’s shop) I would recommend trying them all to see which you like the most / least, and then move forward from there.  If it’s one thing about luxury tobacco, it’s that their is no right answer. It’s mostly preference and ultimately personal trial and error that will get you to what’s right for you.  Get educated, then make decisions.


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