Cigar Review: Gurkha Legend

Gurkha Legend ’8 Years Aged’ Box Pressed Toro

Size: 6×50
Price: $13.50
Wrapper: Connecticut Maduro
Filler: 8 Year Old Dominican

Appearance: This extremely tight box pressed cigar is actually soft to the touch. The wrapper feels like peach skin. Very dark maduro wrapper but pleasing to the eye. You can visually see the quality craftsmanship on this stogie.

Taste: This cigar presents a creamy taste with notes of honey which is absolutely delicious. When it opens up in the 2/3, a leathery wood flavor, complimented with tobacco and spice round out a top notch cigar. The 8 year aged Dominican filler is creaming and worth writing about.

Smoking Characteristics: This cigar had a bit of an uneven burn, but it was match lit and that might have been why. It pulled great with a good amount of smoke. Smoking a box pressed cigar that is pressed as unique as this is truly a pleasure.

Overall: It’s a great chew! With variable flavors and a great feel, this is an awesome cigar. The price is a little steep, so I wouldn’t smoke these regularly, but I recommend that if you try Gurkha, you try the legend!

Appearance: 14 of 15
Taste: 22 of 25
Smoking Characteristics: 21 of 25
Overall: 32 of 35

Cigars In 60 Rating of the Gurkha Legend: 90

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