Cigar Review: Los Hermanos Robusto

Los Hermanos Robusto

Size: 5.1 x 52
Price: $7.95
Wrapper: Cafe Colorado
Filler: Nicaraguan

Appearance: Nice size Robusto, firm at the head, assembled with care and a quality look. Very cool ring, the black on silver with floral / tribal design really works for this color stick.
Appearance Total: 13 out of 15

Taste: The tastes are subtle but firm, medium type of smoke but the story is in the hinting at flavors throughout the 1/3. This cigar is leading up to something for sure. It is consistent. Sweet Wood is a flavor that has emerged in the 2/3, the sweetness increases throughout. Some honey notes, and the aftertaste is solid. The cigar is still consistent throughout the 2/3. End of the 2/3 brings a stronger tobacco flavor. Aftertaste is consistent.
Taste Total: 23 of 25

Smoking Characteristics: Firm hold and a very smooth draw.  This cigar has produced a consistent amount of smoke throughout. This smokes as well as any cigar that I’ve had. Slow and even burn, ash lasted well into the 2/3. It smokes like a dream!
Smoking Characteristics Total: 23 of 25

Overall: This cigar has a great look and feel, honest draw and a great burn. The Wonderful taste melody brings us to a smoke that I certainly reccomend. this has to be one of the better small runs in circulation right now and I would visit to get your hands on it ASAP.
Overall Total: 32 of 35

Appearance: 13
Taste: 23
Smoking Characteristics: 23
Overall: 32

Los Hermanos: 91

Special thanks to Anthony at Atlantic Cigar Co. for introducing me to Los Hermanos. Be sure to visit their website to order cigars online that are priced right, and kept in top quality conditions. Also, where else are you going to get a Los Hermanos Robusto?!


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