Cigar Review: My Father Atlantic Cigar Co. 15th Anniversary Robusto

My Father Atlantic Cigar Company 15h Anniversary Robusto

Size: 5.5 x 52
Price: $10.50
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Criollo
Filler: Nicaragua

Appearance: This box pressed robusto is a smooth solid stick with the look of texture. The gold inlay on the band with the use of pinks and green certainly make it unique. The color of the Ecuadorian Habano Criollo wrapper is also unique, and the feel of it is somethign to remember.
Appearance Total: 14 of 15

Taste: A few dry draws on this stogie bring out some floral flavors. This alone has me ready to light up ASAP! The first few puffs are a medley of tobacco, leather, and a sweet earthy flavor. It’s gentile yet powerful. As the first third ends, the cigar opens up with citrus, dried fruit, and a consistent underlying sweetness. The 2/3 leads to a mild cedar flavor with some wood. Each 1/3 has been quite different than the last. Dried fruit peaking through again in the 3/3… what a ride!
Taste Total: 23 of 25

Smoking Characteristics: The stiff box pressed with sponginess, lends itself to the perfect smoke. I even screwed up lighting this cigar with some budget matches (sorry, I was traveling) and the cigar ultimately corrected the mis-light relatively quickly.
Smoking Characteristics Total: 23 of 25

Overall: I enjoyed the varying flavors of this cigar. For the price, this is a steal. Forget the hype and marketing of the other brands and focus on great blends like this.  Buy this cigar! And don’t forget it’s only available at as it was made special for them. There is a link below to take you to the product page.
Overall Total: 32 of 35

My Father Atlantic Cigar Co. 15th Anniversary Total: 92

Visit to purchase this amazing cigar today!


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