Cigar Size Chart: What cigar size is right for me?

It may seem complicated, but this is one of the easier things to understand when it comes to enjoying premium luxury tobacco; cigars. I will post a cigar size chart, which is good to try to memorize or at least refer to as you come along with your cigar affection, but the truth of the matter is that the right size is the one that feels best in your hand, mouth, and is visually pleasing to you.  Also, different manufactures actually produce different sizes and use the same names.  So a Robusto from Rocky Patel may be different than a Robusto from Cohiba.

Sure, time constraints could lead you to choose one size over another, but it’s important to know your go to size, as if time wasn’t an issue.  Then you can make adjustments for real world conditions later.

As for me, I like a Toro.  It’s got the right thickness for me, and an extra inch on the robusto which gives a good extra 10 – 15 minutes of smoke time, if not more.  But again, that’s just me.  Here are how some manufacturer’s cigar size charts:


Cohiba Cigars Size Chart

Padron Cigars Size Chart

Opus-X Cigar Size Chart



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