Cigars In 60 is born

Today, a rather new dream of mine comes true. You see I’ve been a serious cigar smoker, and reviewer for many years and the evolution of my hobby has lead me farther away from a super collection of expensive sticks, but rather towards the education and sharing of my experiences with the amateur cigar smoker and aficionado alike. So today marks my first step towards bringing my experience to the masses, rather than just my close friends. Today my very in depth cigar dossier goes from Analog, to Digital!
The goal of Cigars in 60 will be to deliver easily consumable cigar reviews, and cigar accessory reviews for new smokers, average smokers, and the old pros too. 60 seconds to share the flavors, textures, and nuances of some of the hottest new cigars, and traditional favorites. Develop your palate, by watching me use mine. However it’s probably worth mentioning that these are not going to be :60 videos of me smoking… I aim to show you the cigar, and while I explain the smoking experience you can expect some still shots, some examples of what I’m discussing and ok… ok… sometimes you might just see me smoking. I appreciate the feedback, but only ask that you respect the craft, my time, and by all means say what you feel, but sign your name to it proudly.

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One Response to “Cigars In 60 is born”

  1. Tom Ufer says:

    Nice concept, I’m looking forward to your content.